Friday, 19 June 2009

Catching up

Hi everyone, don't know if anyone is still reading these but I will write anyway. Well, exams are over, hurrah!!!, Max has been sent back to the dogs home (mum said he was too young for her, he kept trying to escape, and she has a dodgy knee, so she couldn't catch him if he did escape). I have to say she has a point. He did play with the pink ball in the end. Still interested in wether dogs can see in colour or not, if anyone has any info on this would be interested to hear it. I will have to do my own research. Well, not much to do except watch my room being redecorated, planning for Sundays (sunday school), looking for something to do over the summer (a job) and starting my child development project. I think thats enough, don't you? Well, I will see all first and probably some second years on the 9th of July for exam results day!! See you, love Nicola x

Friday, 5 June 2009

Doggie days

Hey everyone, my mum's new dog, which has had several different names since she got him, but is now called Max. made me think earlier. He is a 16 month old very sweet Jack russell. Mum had bought him a ball with a bell inside for him to play with. It is pink, and he played with it a little bit and then refused to play with it again. He prefers and old yellow tennis ball. I have heard dogs can only see in black and white, wether this is true or not I don' t know, but I he not playing with it because it's pink, or some other reason? I will leave you with that, I have to revise Gender now, funnily enough!!! See you, love from Nicola xx