Saturday, 30 May 2009

Revision, Revision, Revision!!

You can tell what I ve been doing by the title of this post can't you? (wry smile) . It's gone ok, is going ok, I can remember Maslow, Erikson, etc. Honestly, I feel sorry for Erikson, fancy calling a child Erik Erikson, it's cruel! lol. What you can't tell fromn the title is that I m finally on facebook!!! (Big cheer!!!) It's great, I can see why everyone is addicted to it! Well, it's midnight, I'd best be off to bed, I m childminding, dog sitting (yes, you did read correctly there), church going and revising tomorrow, so it's a busy day (Im not doing all these things at once, I hasten to add, that would be a bit much!!!) See you all after exams (groan!!), love Nicola xx

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Hi everyone!! Well, that's it all coursework finished! Cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, only one more before we go to Warwick(aaaghhhh!!!). Am really chuffed with how well we all did on Christine's essays and presentations, it was great! Revision to do now then exams. I also have to look for a summer job, preferably working with children, arrange a work placement for september and arrange to start my maths GCSE! I m exhausted just thinking about it! Still, it will all come to pass and work out well, I know it, God is giving me favour and energy, two things I need at present. Well, will write again soon, keep calm and carry on, love from Nicola xx