Saturday, 30 May 2009

Revision, Revision, Revision!!

You can tell what I ve been doing by the title of this post can't you? (wry smile) . It's gone ok, is going ok, I can remember Maslow, Erikson, etc. Honestly, I feel sorry for Erikson, fancy calling a child Erik Erikson, it's cruel! lol. What you can't tell fromn the title is that I m finally on facebook!!! (Big cheer!!!) It's great, I can see why everyone is addicted to it! Well, it's midnight, I'd best be off to bed, I m childminding, dog sitting (yes, you did read correctly there), church going and revising tomorrow, so it's a busy day (Im not doing all these things at once, I hasten to add, that would be a bit much!!!) See you all after exams (groan!!), love Nicola xx


  1. Good luck Nicola - see in t'mornin!

  2. goodness...i'm just revising -haven't the brain capacity to multitask at the mo!!! good luck.