Sunday, 1 February 2009

Finally-I have a blog!!!

Hi everyone-I can't beleive it-I finally have a blog!!! I will try to make it useful and interesting and not to ramble on too much. I used to keep a diary when I was a child/teenager, but then life got in the way, I suppose this is just an online version. I will mainly be putting stuff about colllege on here, but poss also stuff about big events that happen to me-hopefully there will be some of those!! Have an interesting article to bring to Brian's lesson with me tomorrow-all about the government nationalising failing private schools-was in the guardian-v interesting.Bye for now, Nicola x


  1. Hello Nicola! Have fun and enjoy blogging - it's quite a cathartic process. You have a lovely manner for writing - I shall look forward to your posts. Blogging today - tomoorow Facebook!

  2. Hey - we're all at it! Just had trouble getting into my blog as i forgot my password -not the bestthing to do!!! See you tomorrow!!

  3. Hi Nicola Hope this works this time thanks for reminder about Government buying private schools Heard today that Govt also considering buying up boarding schools for delicate children with Special Needs