Thursday, 5 February 2009

Lots of jobs!

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments, have updated my profile, so have look, especially the audio link. Well, Christine's lesson was really good yesterday, i was surprised by what we could do after the degree, loads of different jobs! Great to have Christine back too. Need to get started on Lin's essay now, i know i'm doing the first question, would like to get a high 2:1 this time, will try my best. It is my birthday next Tuesday, am excited, I love Birthdays. Well, that's it for now, will write more another day, thanks for the compliment Clare, have always loved writing, and am good at it. I have begun writing my first book. Will say more about that another time, keep you ion supense!!! Love Nicola x


  1. Wow...writing a book, I look forward to hearing more!! I'm in complete agreement regarding the jobs after the degree. Infact I have questioned myself and my future a little since the session. C u Friday - weather permitting. xx

  2. The capital of Australia is Canberra