Monday, 2 March 2009


Hi everyone. Was reading earlier when I decided I want to update my blog, so here I am! As you can tell from the title, I have finally finished Lin's essay!!! Hooray!!! Will hand it in Wednesday, just have to do ref's and bib now, then it's done. I will have a rest, then straight onto Brian's. I must say, I agree with Clare Gale, Brian's does look a lot more straightforward than Christine's. We'll see when I start doing it. I am looking forward to going to work with year 1 for the day tomorrow, should be really good. Also, I have been asked by the pastor at my church to look after the children on Sunday, as her daughter normally does it but she is getting married and leaving soon. We will see how it goes and if I like it, hopefully, that will be my new job!!Well, I will go and get some food now, and type out my questions for tomorrow. See you again, love Nicola x

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