Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tell me about it!!

Hey everyone, am at the library printing off Lin's witness statement for the study skills folder, when I thought I'd update my blog. The title tell me about it, is because I sympathise with the two Clare's about work, I have nearly finished my Study Skills folder, but I still have Brian and Christine's essay's to do!! Have done Christine's presentation, that's on my memory stick, ready to go. I really need to get my head down, I can be a lazy blighter when I want.At least I'm not waking up panicking about essay's (at the moment anyway!!!), which I was during Lin's! I have re contacted an old friend who's also doing childcare, and had a chat with her on the bus. When she said "Did you think the level 2 course was hard?", I just laughed and said "No, that was like finger painting compared to a degree", which was possibly a bit harsh. She is doing the foundation award in childcare. Well, must dash now, as Blogger is being updated in a bit, and I don't want to get chucked out. Will write again soon, Nicola x

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