Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Hi everyone, well, the past month has been a real revelation, things have changed a lot in one area of my life, which is going to have a dramatic effect on the rest of my life, I will explain about this when I get back to college. Also, my room is done and looks good, the carpet has been cleaned and it is tidy (at the moment), I have nt yet done any observations on my target child, her mum and dad are getting married in a couple of weeks, which they are very stressed about, so I think i d better leave it till we are back at college if I can, I may just do a baseline assesment and a family history. I signed up with the childcare agency, but all the paperwork has taken ages to come through, so hopefully I will get a few weeks work out of them before we start back to college. Mum has yet another new dog, called Scamp, he seems very sweet, we will see how it goes....I will sign off for now, hope everyone is nt too bored, I will see you all on September the 29th, I miss everyone loads!! Love Nicola xxx

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