Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Hey everyone! The title refers to the fact i haven't written this since August! I can't beleive it! Well, as you all now know, I am transferring to Queens University in Belfast next year to do the rest of the course, it will be nerve wracking but exciting!! I will miss everyone though, we will have to keep in touch, thats one thing technology is a god send for, I am so glad to have it! I now have a work placement at St Mary's primary school in Hinckley on a Monday, I do enjoy it, year 1 and and 2 are lovely the staff are great too. I didnt get any work from the agency, the paperwork took too long to come through unfortunatley. Mum now has a kitten, 12 weeks old called Cat. She is a bundle of energy, a very friendly little thing. I am glad to be back to college, all the work we have to do sounds interesting, I will enjoy doing it. Year 2 seems to be more practical, though perhaps more work than last year. I am currently thinking of a curriculum model for the 21st century, I m not sure wether we have to talk about a particular model, or the subjects that we think should be included, or both, what does everyone else think? replies on a postcard please!!! (only kidding! replies on here will be fine!) . Anyway, must go, from Nicola x

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