Monday, 12 October 2009

21st century curriculum

Well, my thoughts on a 21 st century curriculum are the following..I agree with Claire Grantham about teaching the more 'academic' subjects in the morning. I think school should start earlier to reflect this, I don't think 8 am is unreasonable and I think school should finish around 4 pm. I think English, Maths, Science and ICT should be taught in the morning. I also think ICT should be made a core subject as it is going to be crucial for the way we learn and conduct our lives in future. As for the idea of 'topic' teaching, I think it does have it's merits, and should be done as much as possible, but there will still be times when subjects do have to be split up and taught. My main thoughts are that the curriculum needs to be more practical, there should be a mixture of teachers teaching something, children doing the work on paper, then, if appropriate, there should be a practical exercise to reinforce children's understanding of the concept. For example, taking children shopping to reinforce their knowledge of money, adding, subtracting, and counting change. There need to be more 'real life experiences' within the curriculum. I will be back in a second with more thoughts on this....

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  1. 8am til 4pm? That's 8 hours!!! My daughter is shattered after 6 hours at school and she's in yr6! Some of our Foundation Stage children are still falling asleep in the classroom. Last week we had to have storytime AROUND a little boy who had fallen asleep sitting on the carpet after dinner! A makeshift bed was quickly constructed. I think 8 hrs would turn even the most studious of children right off.