Monday, 12 October 2009

Last one!

My thoughts are that certain subjects ( such as history, geography, R.E, etc) should be for children to find out about in their own time, if they are interested in them. I also think that subjects such as Art, music, dance , drama, debating, sport, are very important, and should be catered for with numerous after school clubs, with qualified , responsible staff to run them, children should be encouraged to join these.I think a 21st century curriculum, should see much more communication and partnership between home and school. Parents should be involved in the school much more, and teachers and other staff should really see themselves and parents/carers as partners in their child's education and upbringing, home and school should be seen as interlinked. Parents/carers should encourage children to put into practice what they have learnt at school, for example, helping out at home with chores, budgeting their pocket money, helping with the shopping, keeping their spaces tidy and clean etc. I m sorry to have written so many words about this, but I think any less would nt have done the subject justice! These are my ideas on what a 21st century curriculum should be like, I welcome comments! Please write some!!!

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  1. love the parents as p[partners .we know our child best!