Friday, 12 August 2011


Well, I ve finally managed to get back on here which Im really pleased about. I didnt get into Queens, but did go up to warwick, which Im glad about really, as moving to a whole new country and new uni on my own would have been too much! Also, Warwick are much better than Queens. Its been a tough year to be honest, I have moved a couple of times, which is always unsettling, and have found it hard to settle in at warwick, although I have enjoyed it. I am determined to get the most out of my final year though. Final year, wow, sounds scary saying that! The end is in sight. I have also (drum roll please...rrrrrr!) been asked to particpate in a new blog that Compassion Uk (christian organisation through which I sponsor two children, Mariana from Bolivia, and Jean from Haiti) are organising! I am so thrilled, finally my talents are being recognised and encouraged :) seems like a positive note to end on, Nicola x

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